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DRUMS - John Cardilino

GUITAR - Terry Withrow

KEYBOARD - Joe Caudill

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Jeff Westlake symbolizes what it means when they say “Local boy makes good.” Hard work, belief and dedication are still the path to success and Jeff Westlake has taken that path and has reached the status of the music elite.

From humble beginnings in South Point Ohio, where he was born on January 16, 1966, into a home where music was a part of daily life. The family surrounded Jeff with the art and he decided early on that he wanted to be a musician. 

Jeff started playing professionally at the age of 16 and it was not long after that, at the age of 17,that he recorded for the first time with the band Eqquus. The band recorded a 4 song EP, but soon after disbanded. That lead Jeff to make the decision to join the worlds work force and move on to college. They say that you never forget your first love and after years of staying right there, Jeff decided in 1999 to go back to his first love, music.

In 1999 he met Terry Withrow for the first time. Joining forces with Rob Howard and along with Terry's help, they put the initial version of Westlake together. The band recorded its debut "Broken" and their sophomore release “Reality For Sale” with Withrow.

After 4 years and some success with Westlake, Jeff decided to change his focus and the Westlake band disbanded. Jeff joined forces with Jeff Boggs, a guitarist who has a complementary style to Jeff’s and together they put Hydrogyn together.  Jeff went on to release 10 albums with the band to include the new release “Redemption” in March of 2017. Westlake has  also put together 2 DVD’s  and one book for Hydrogyn.

In 2008, Westlake took his knowledge from years of being a musician and developed a passion for producing. Under the tutelage of the great Michael Wagener (Who Produced Hydrogyn’s 2005 release “Bombshell”) Jeff perfected his craft, honed his skills and began to produce for other acts. His success and experience lead him to start his own production studio, Ridgeline Productions.  In 2011 he met Azriel St.Michael while doing an album for Canadian rock band Black Sun. A close friendship developed and the two went on to kick out 2 albums under the Audio Porn banner. The Audio Porn releases garnered marginal success and they are now considered classics in the underground hard rock scene.

While keeping the production end of his repertoire at full steam, Jeff always kept writing and working with Hydrogyn and has always been active with writing new music.

With billboard charting success as a producer, song writer, musician and engineer, Westlake stepped out on his own in 2015.


Uniting again with Terry Withrow, with Terry’s urging, Jeff once again took a new step to expand musically and has wrote his first blues album titled “In The Key of Blue.” His first solo album took an impressive approach to the best of the blues and injected a Rock N’ Roll twist. The outcome was Blue’s Rock delivered with precision and melody not often heard in the modern rock world.

In 2018, Westlake has taken another step in his solo career; launching from the solid foundation that was “In The Key of Blue,” has brought a new twist with his new concept album “Dead World.” Recorded July 2017 thru February 2018 at WOW Studios Nashville Tennessee and produced by Terry Withrow, Mixed by Terry Withrow and mastered by Jeff Westlake. The albums lineup includes: Jeff Westlake - guitars, bass and vocals, Terry Withrow – Guitar, Joe Caudill - Piano and Keys and John Cardilino (Hydrogyn band mate) drums and percussion.  


This album is part two of Jeff’s self-proclaimed cleansing process, to get certain emotions and music out of his system that have built up over years. “Dead World” is musically connected to a story written by Westlake, Terry Withrow and Brandon Withrow called “Alive and Well in Dead World.” The book will be released in a new type of media formatting system that won’t be revealed until closer to release date.

Album features 9 originals and 1 cover from Glenn Hughes and BCC, Cold.

Taking 44 years of musical experience to its pinnacle, Jeff Westlake has delivered his own brand of Rock N Roll and has established himself as a marquee name in the industry. The music world has only just begun to open their ears and experience the power that is Westlake.

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