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VOCALS/GUITAR - Jeff Carlson

DRUMS - Nathanial Welch

GUITAR - Kory Brown

BASS - Cory Kay

MANAGEMENT - Nolan Hodges at MK Music

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Starting out and making a name for themselves in 2018, The Jeff Carlson Band brings the finest of melodic hard rock to the forefront and offers the fans the classic era, while still maintaining the modern production and groove.

The band released their first single "Never Be Another You" on March 20th, 2018, along with the much anticipated follow up single "So Long" released February 26th, 2019. The band signed a worldwide deal with RFL Records in late 2019 and released their debut album "Yesterdays Gone" on April 23, 2021

The idea for the new album "Yesterdays Gone," was first consumated in February of 2020. With Covid 19 in full-swing the writing and collaboration stretched into July and the recording into November, but the pandemic had deeper effects, ingesting itself into the bands song writing. The songs not only touch on the pandemic, but also the political issues that manifested, mixed with personal issues that Jeff was going through at the time. There was plenty of raw emotion to build off of and the album reflects that emotion. With tracks like "Yesterday's Gone" and "American Dream," the band brings to light what we are all feeling in the these times of uncertainty and touches the sensitivities that encompass us all.  The major theme of the record being what Carlson referred to as hope in a world that needed more light instead of darkness.


In 2001, Jeff was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, as well as Crohn’s disease. He had fallen ill and was rushed to the hospital to have emergency surgery where he actually died for almost three minutes on the operating table. He then underwent four more surgeries, and still continues to deal with both of these diseases today. Carlson says, "I thank God every day that I'm above ground, because life is too precious not to do what you love.  This new record was written for everybody out there who is faced with challenges that life throws at you and you keep going.  It's like one of my heroes Rocky Balboa has said "life's not about how hard you get's about how hard you get hit and keep going!" Yesterday's Gone was written with that frame of mind....hope.  I struggle every day with my disease, so even though I have it, it doesn't have me or my drive to what has gotten me to this point in my life."

The Jeff Carlson Band is no stranger to the big stages having a solid resume under the belt opening for Tesla, Frank Hannon of Tesla, Slaughter, Mark Slaughter, Y&T, Bret Michaels, Red Sun Rising, and Steel Panther and are announcing new date's for the 2022 Concert Tour Season.


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