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The new concept album that will take you to another dimension in time.

In Dead World, Westlake has taken another step in his solo career; launching from the solid foundation that was “In The Key of Blue,” he has brought a new twist with his new concept album.


Recorded July 2017 thru February 2018 at WOW Studios Nashville Tennessee and produced by Terry Withrow, Mixed by Terry Withrow and mastered by Jeff Westlake. 


This album is part two of Jeff’s self-proclaimed cleansing process, to get certain emotions and music out of his system that have built up over years.


“Dead World” is musically connected to a story written by Westlake, Terry Withrow and Brandon Withrow called “Alive and Well in Dead World.”


The book will be released in a new type of media formatting system that won’t be revealed until closer to release date.


Album features 9 originals and 1 cover from Glenn Hughes and BCC, Cold.​

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