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The new album featuring the explosive single "Fallen."

PHEAR, Canada's masters of Melodic/Power Thrash Metal unleash 13 tracks that deliver the sonic power of Iron Maiden blended with Judas Priest.


Phear is set to deliver their message to a global audience with the release of their first full-length album, “Insanitarium”, on November 30th.


Power metal has returned to the glory days and brought those days into the new millenium. 

The Curse Lives
The Curse Lives On Cover.jpg




Phear - Ontario Canada’s masters of power/thrash - announce their 1st live album "The Curse Lives On."


8 songs kicking off with 2 studio cuts, a cover of the Iron Maiden classic, "Rime Of the Ancient Mariner" and an instant Phear classic "Dirty Work," rounded off with 6 "Live" tracks recorded in the bands native Toronto that capture the true essence of Phear.


With the sonic power of Iron Maiden blended with the classic style of Judas Priest, Phear bring to life their monster live show to the ears of fans across the globe. The band delivers, in their true element, the live stage, which highlights their massive songs and the sheer force of the twin-"seven" string attack.


"Curse" is a testimonial to what Power Thrash can do to your soul, deep, dark and loud, just crank it up and feel the Phear.

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