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Just in the nick of time after the elections in the USA, including with all the strong emotions that this event has influenced on people throughout the country, the Pittsburgh Modern Metallers, After The Fall, ship away their brand new EP, "Welcome To The New S.A.".

It is safe to say that "Welcome To The New S.A." is the beginning of something to look forward to from these guys, which already displayed their strong connection to their local area and their utmost wish to make it better.

ORDER "Welcome To The New S.A.": ORDER "Welcome To The New S.A." Merch: "This EP has the catchy riffs and hooks that made me a fan of this band to begin with" (EMSU Media)

"It’s high energy, well-constructed songs really draw you in, make you want to move, and have a damn good time." (Build the Scene)

"The most visible trait of modernity though is the high quality of the recording. Sounding completely American, these songs will be a great addition to their set lists." (Bathory Zine)


"Shut The World Out" (Lyric Video) – "The Fight" (Lyric Video) – "New S.A. (Lyric Video) - AFTER THE FALL is: Doug Carnahan – Vocals & Guitars Matt Ferrante – Drums & Backing Vocals Steve Craven - Bass & Backing Vocals Zac Shepard - Guitars

AFTER THE FALL Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Reverbnation:

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