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Off they go in the night, spreading their tradition, the heritage of Heavy Metal music, into the wild. It has been a hell of a ride, yet have no fear, it will soon be continued as there is much to gain, much to be conquered.

Corners Of Sanctuary release their 7th album "Heroes Never Die" today while the guns are already blazing. For the occasion, a grand presentation for one of the album's prime tracks is revealed. When all hope is lost, chances of survival are slim, it is better go off from this world knowing that a good fight was given up until the last drop of blood. Call it sacrifice, call it pure heroism, it is the fight of a dead man, a dead man walking. In order to properly celebrate the release of their new album, "Heroes Never Die", Corners Of Sanctuary made a video for one of the top tunes, "We Are The Dead (Dead Man Walking)". The song delivers a sheer old school down the throat, splitting the bone, one of the many faces of the ugly side of fearlessness. Watch the Official Video for "We Are The Dead (Dead Man Walking)" :

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"I think that, once again, CORNERS OF SANCTUARY have delivered a stellar album and it will be a fantastic addition to anyone’s library!" (Metal Temple)

"Heroes Never Die” turned out to be a good, old school traditional Metal album, which you can tell a lot of its American origins, but which could also give fans of the NWOBHM a lot of joy" (Rock Castle Franken)

"CORNERS OF SANCTUARY have delivered a small masterpiece with "Heroes Never Die" (KOBZR - Metal News / Reviews)

"Heroes never die" is the release to put your leather jacket on and either hit the road or do a long-ass pub crawl" (MangoGrave)

ICYMI: "Track-By-Track 2nd Part - "Track-By-Track 1st Part" - "Heroes Never Die (Audio Visualizer) - "Best Of The Best (Audio Visualizer) - "Into The Fight" (Lyric Video) - "We Never" (Lyric Video) -

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY is: Stacey Lee - Vocals Mad T - Drums James Pera - Bass & Backing Vocals Mick Michaels - Guitars & Keyboards

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY Links: Website: Facebook: http://www.facebook/CornersofSanctuary Twitter: Instagram: Spotify:

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