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Thomas Carlsen's Transmission Deliver "Redemption" EP; New Single And Video For "Ship Of Fools"

Thomas Carlsen's Transmission, Norway's power metal shredder, delivers his debut EP "Redemption," featuring the powerful, new single and video for "Ship Of Fools."

Transmission is a solo project by Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Thomas Carlsen. Inspired by bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dokken, his music is rooted in the 80's style of hard rock and heavy metal. Carlsen is the sole songwriter and performs all instruments on the Transmission project.

The new single, "Ship Of Fools," features the vocal prowess of Ryan Thomas who fronts the Canadian Hair Metal act, Turbosnake. The song offers full power and is very melodic and Ryan just takes it to the next level with his massive vocals. Carlsen drives the track with his precision guitar work and expresses excitement about the new release and single.

Carlsen: "I’m super excited to be reissuing my debut EP along with a brand-new track, "Ship of Fools," on RFL Records. I’ve been blessed to have Ryan Thomas of Turbosnake perform vocals on the new track, which I think turned out great. This serves as a taste of what’s to come from Transmission’s full-length album.

Video Can Be Viewed Here:

Jon Marchewka (Marhefka) RFL Records CEO:

"Thomas Carlsen is a mega-talented young artist and the new release, "Redemption," is a driving, yet melodic, power metal showcase. Thomas's diversity as an artist shines through on these tracks and he adds a different vibe with "Ship Of Fools." I am looking forward to the future with Thomas and to hear what is next; I can assure everyone that it's going to be amazing!"

The "Redemption" EP can be ordered in Physical and Digital Formats at:

"Redemption" is the debut EP, which initially was released independently and now being reissued by RFL Records with a few new surprises for the fans.

Carlsen offers details about the EP:

"It contains four original tunes, written over an eight-year period of time, and recorded in my home studio. Some of the music dates back to when I was only fifteen years old. It really is like a love letter to the 80s heavy music scene. While my own style shines through on the EP, my biggest musical influences - particularly Iron Maiden and Judas Priest - are also apparent in the music. I even recorded a cover version of Iron Maiden's 1983 classic "Still Life" for it. My fellow Norwegian and metal artist Marius Danielsen (Legend Of Valley Doom, Darkest Sins) performs the amazing vocals on the EP. The reissue of Redemption will also contain a new track which will offer a glimpse of what the future holds. I guess you'll just have to wait and see!"

The "Redemption" EP was independently released by Carlsen in 2021 and now gets a full-blown label push that will cover all digital providers as well as full-scale physical distribution across North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Carlsen Expresses Excitement about the venture:

"I am thrilled to be taking this huge step with RFL Records, with whom I share a profound passion for heavy music. It feels unreal to be joining their incredible roster and working with a team of such talented people!"

The EP will be followed up by a new, full-length album which is currently being written and tentatively scheduled for an early 2023 release.

Video For "Ship Of Fools" produced by Jason McCorriston at McCardy Music

Follow Thomas Carlsen's Transmission At:

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