The new album featuring the smash single "Call To Arms."

After the Fall, one of Pittsburgh's Premier Live acts, is set to deliver their debut album, "My Confession" to the worldwide masses on November 30th.

Featuring 12 powerful tracks with a sound that is reminiscent of some of the great hard rock bands of the late 80's, early 90's. After The Fall brings a fresh, melodic, and just plain catchy kick that demands a window's down, crank to 11 decibel level.  The songs are predominantly driving, radio friendly, hard rock songs, infused with attention commanding guitar riffs, topped off with vocals and lyrics that drive their point straight home and often through the heart. My Confession to you - A new era of stadium rock begins.



  1. Scream

  2. Walls

  3. Call To Arms

  4. My Confession

  5. Rumours

  6. Meant To Be

  7. For Me

  8. You Would Know

  9. Faker 

10. The Nameless

11. Remember The Time

12. Still Here