The new album featuring the explosive single "Fallen."

PHEAR, Canada's masters of Melodic/Power Thrash Metal unleash 13 tracks that deliver the sonic power of Iron Maiden blended with Judas Priest, Phear is set to deliver their message to a global audience with the release of their first full-length album, “Insanitarium”, on November 30th. Power metal has returned to the glory days and brought those days into the new millenium. 




  1. Regan’s Dream 

  2. Don’t Scream 

  3. Fallen 

  4. Heaven 

  5. Delusions 

  6. Proud 

  7. The Drowning Man 

  8. Until You Die 

  9. Motives Unknown 

10. Bloodline 

11. In the Name Of...

12. Sea of Lies 

13. Snap!