Turbosnake’s bombastic Arena Rockadventure began as a project in April of 2020 when founder Eric Roelofsen was bored with the norm and decided to begin writing some songs. The songs were born from Eric’s deep-seeded love of classic Hair Metal, Big hooks, heavy guitar and melody driven runs injected with some glitz and glam. He approached his friend Ryan Thomas to see if he wanted to write some lyrics to it and sing something on it. Ryan was influenced heavily by the classic screamers of the day, Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose, to name a few and he states his deep passion for the genre “Couldn’t get enough of the genre and just never got out of it.” The wheels for a venomous, injection of  pure, melodic, hard rock perfection were put into motion and  Turbosnake began their plan to be the torch that lights Arena Rocks assault on the 21st century. Their debut release “Cold Blooded” is pure, hook-driven, melodic hard rock at its pinnacle; The snake has shed its skin.



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