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DRUMS - Jett Bobo

GUITAR - Josh Kelsey
BASS - Heather Shallowpoint

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Shallowpoint is a 4-piece hard rock band based out of Knoxville, TN, that was formed and began playing original music around 2008. Consisting of founders Heather Shallowpoint (bass) and Chuck Point (guitar/vocals, the band has recently added Dustin Bolt (guitar/vocals) and Matthew Bobo (drums) to round out the quartet. Shallowpoint’s sound is distinct so it’s no surprise that each member’s influences vary; from modern hard rock influences, classic rock and rock alternative,  there is something for everyone. Their songs range from the metal tune “Fractured”, to a more commercial sounding rock song “Complicate” both of which spotlight the diversity that this band brings to the music universe. Bringing a rock-solid lineup, their LP titled "Infringement" was released and was a pillar of what rock music should be.

The band has released several music videos, each of which can be considered nothing short of masterpieces as they were produced, shot and edited entirely by the band itself.

Shallowpoint have been in the studio with Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, Pillar and 10 years) and are currently scheduled to release a new Album by spring of 2022.

The band is no novice to the "Live" scene either having already shared the stage with music heavy hitters such as Sevendust, Sick Puppies, Flaw, Tantric, Fuel, Hell Yeah, and many more. They have also played many major rock festivals such as Gig It Rock Fest, Rock Fest Caddot, WI, Loud- N-Lima and Blue Ridge Rock Fest (Main Stage). This year for Shallowpoint is looking very promising, and they are among the top of the ranks when it comes to popularity in both rock and metal genres. If this band gains as much ground in 2022 as they are doing this year, Shallowpoint will be a household name and will be rocking audiences around the world. They have made a fan out of one of the toughest music critics, now it’s time for you to experience the musical journey known as Shallowpoint. Buckle up cause it’s a wild ride!

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